1) N-UNCOUNT: oft with poss If you give someone assistance, you help them do a job or task by doing part of the work for them.

Since 1976 he has been operating the shop with the assistance of volunteers...

She can still come downstairs with assistance but she's very weak.

help, aid
2) N-UNCOUNT If you give someone assistance, you give them information or advice.

Any assistance you could give the police will be greatly appreciated...

Employees are being offered assistance in finding new jobs.

help, aid
3) N-UNCOUNT: oft supp N If someone gives a person or country assistance, they help them by giving them money.

...a viable programme of economic assistance...

We shall offer you assistance with legal expenses up to $5,000.

help, aid
4) N-UNCOUNT If something is done with the assistance of a particular thing, that thing is helpful or necessary for doing it.

The translations were carried out with the assistance of a medical dictionary.

help, aid
5) PHRASE: V inflects, usu modal PHR Someone or something that is of assistance to you is helpful or useful to you.

He was of great assistance to me in researches for my books...

Can I be of any assistance?

be of help
6) PHRASE: V inflects If you come to someone's assistance, you take action to help them.

They are appealing to the world community to come to Jordan's assistance...

Ben suffered a heart attack and Helen rushed to his assistance.

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